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lesson #1

More updates on my “To Do List” drawn up in end April.


Started on item number 5 +learn to ride a bike last weekend.


I’ve always enjoyed being a pillion rider, especially when travelling, but thought it’d be great if I can ride one myself, and have an unhindered view of the scenery in front.


I guess there’s a bigger hurdle to overcome if you were to compare learning to ride vs. learning to drive. With driving, you know the instructor is sitting beside you, feet on the ebrake pedal, ever ready to pull the hand brake. With riding, you’re basically on your own. No one to babysit you, help you balance nor apply ebrake when you go wrong.


To be honest, I had to take several deep breaths before I could throttle and lift both legs off the ground. But it’s fun once I could ramble slowly on my own! 😛 I think I’ve only chalked up less than 100m so far, and no corners yet.


Still a long long way to becoming a biker chick.. haha..



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You already know my fetish for “things to be done” lists.


Here’s one for the medium term.


Things to be Done before I turn 30


be a waitress


+ take up a bartending course


+ summer course in France


+ travel to India


+ learn to ride bike


+ learn guitar


+ try wakeboarding


+ fall in love with a smart ah beng who speaks English, Mandarin and Hokkien equally well (just watched Monga yesterday.. heart ethan ruan!)


Can’t think of anymore task-specific points right now. Will update when others come to mind. And of course, if I manage to strike off any.


Wanna share yours?


Or you can pay me to try things that you’ve always wanted to do, but just can’t do it for one reason or another. I’ll be more than happy. =P


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