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on happiness

“Happiness, as we all know, can’t be pursued directly, but what was the gain in tracking down every nuance of unhappiness, meticulously uncovering origins that left a lot to be desired but that could never be changed, no matter how skillfully you tried to reconstruct them?”

– Daphne Merkin in “My Life in Therapy” published on NYT.com, Aug 4 2010.


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On this rainy Friday morning, hk sent me this sms:


Good morn! “The important thing is to burn with passion to do what is right, and to strive our hardest wholeheartedly. If we do so, there is no barrier we cannot break through, no struggle we cannot win.” Have a great day ahead! =)


Thanks for always being so encouraging and for warming my heart on this gloomy morning. And, you’re never a spare friend!

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three to do the job?

At the end of a NYT article which talks about late-life divorce, cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead’s view was quoted:


“Every woman needed three husbands: one for youthful sex, one for security while raising children and one for joyful companionship in old age.”


Which got me wondering, how many wives does a man need in his lifetime?



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another one

“When you are in love with life, life sends you love.”


sunset one day


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just two

I used to keep a notebook with quotes copied from books read.


Haven’t been doing that for a while now, but here’s two from “Tout Sweet” by Karen Wheeler:


“The best things in life are usually effortless.”

(sounds good… but how true is it?)


“You can’t run away from unhappiness, you just have to take it with you.”

(take note, all you unhappy souls out there!)  



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