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summer time

Today, I re-read a few of my posts. And got a bit emo.


I realised that after all these while, since I first started this blog in 2009, I’m still searching.


Looking for what’s suitable for me, trying to find the something┬áthat would keep me happily occupied.


I’m glad my thought processes are recorded here. It’s a good reminder for me to never give up this search, and that everytime I come back here, I’m perhaps one step closer to reaching where I want to be.


Starting with the basics, here’s a list of what I like and don’t like to do:

+ I like reading.

+ I like writing.

+ I like talking to people.

+ I like to take pictures.

+ I like to think of new ideas and creating things.


– I don’t like to manage people.

– I don’t like to follow instructions I don’t believe in.

– I don’t like to do admin stuff.


I’m thinking of a project to revamp and revitalise this blog. Definitely very much to do with the list of things I like to do.


Wish me luck and I welcome all suggestions! ­čÖé



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