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It’s been a while

About a year and six months since hopy drove me and my boxes away from TPY north.


Exactly a year since I stepped into my new office at J8.


Almost three months since I last blogged.


While I alternate between lamenting about my lack of time and lack of activities, I’ve hit 28.


I’ve never been much of a planner. There’s never “I want to  be ________ when I grow up” or “I want to be married by___.” or “I want to ___________ by the time I’m __.”


I’ve come to realise that I have a rather short attention span. Always flitting around, from A to B to C to A to D…. One moment I’ll be dying to do this, a few days later, the fire would be gone and I’m onto something else, or back to square one.


When I left the newsroom, I told myself (and others), it was to try something new, preferably something which would allow me to travel. When that job fell through, I went travelling, for half a year, before settling into this current job.


I wouldn’t say that I’m not happy here. There are indeed many plus points, e.g. work-life balance is something that can be hard to come by in other places.


But I still lust for something. And I don’t know how to describe this longing.


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get right down to doing something which would keep me so occupied and so satisfied that I can do it for a long long long long time to come.


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