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It’s that time of the year

As 2010 draws to an end, it’s again time to take stock of events which had happened, and feelings about how the year had passed.


Twenty-ten is a year of explorations and changes.


The year started off with the end of a journey with my mom, then taking a plunge into the social service sector, adjusting to a completely different job scope and pace of work. Getting re-acquainted with an old friend and the unexpected romance which came with it. Sending off a few good friends to begin their new chapters overseas. Learning to spend more time with my family. Going for an unplanned trip to Southern Thailand.  


I should be contented with my lot.


May twenty-eleven be filled with more adventures. Bring it on! 


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Tomorrow after tomorrow

Perhaps December should be an official holiday month. Thoughts of work are left behind when people travel, and even if one doesn’t travel, work is the last thing on the mind.


Near the end of this seemingly endless week, I texted Mr Chua to meet for lunch. We caught up over two bowls of sumptous laksa. Holiday, relationships, baby, work. Then he pulled out this book , a project that he pursued with three other photographers, documenting the last journey of seven terminally ill patients.


He said shooting this project has made him cherish the people around him and made him reflect on his priorities in life.


“It is innately human to be lazy, we always think that things can be done tomorrow. We procrastinate because there’s always a tomorrow.”


I carried the book and flipped through it on my office desk.


Sometimes when life seems a bore, and nothing seems to be able to cheer you up, a few simple words and pictures can mean so much. Poring through the pages, I thought, they have so little time left, and yet they are already trying to do so much. What am I, a healthy being, doing?


You’re right, Mr Chua, we keep thinking that tomorrow will come. But we don’t realise that nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow. We are only granted today.



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