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A train journey up North

This blog has been dormant for the longest time! Sorry for the lag. 😛


Am now at Trang, a province in Southern Thailand, waiting for our mini bus + longtail boat ride out to Ko Mook, where we will stay for two nights, and then on to Ko Kradang, where we will laze for another two nights.


Today is Day 5 of our 15 days overland journey from S’pore to the land of thousands (millions?) smiles. Our journey started from a train ride on the jungle line to Pasir Mas (Kota Bharu), where we crossed the M’sian-Thai border on foot (Rantau Panjang to Sungai Kolok) and continued with a train ride from Kolok to Hat Yai.


We were looking forward to the ride on the jungle line, unfortunately, the train broke down (read: NO aircon, lights and water) and we had to resort to standing in the tiny space between the train carriages for fresh air, for about 5 hours of the journey. :S More on this KTM boo-boo in future entries.


Right now, can’t wait to hit the beaches asap!


Oh, have I mentioned that Trang is a nice place already? Check out the Sri Trang hotel where we’re staying.


Tata! 🙂


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