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On this rainy Friday morning, hk sent me this sms:


Good morn! “The important thing is to burn with passion to do what is right, and to strive our hardest wholeheartedly. If we do so, there is no barrier we cannot break through, no struggle we cannot win.” Have a great day ahead! =)


Thanks for always being so encouraging and for warming my heart on this gloomy morning. And, you’re never a spare friend!


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自己并不是从小立志当记者的那种。可以说是长大后误打误撞入行。小时候作文写得还不错,后来理科读得不像话,没办法就选择不需要太用功背书的mass comm混日子。因为华文程度比其他同学好一点,英文程度又比别人差,申请到早报实习。半年的时间过得挺好玩的,毕业前早报刚好在招聘,因为懒得找工作,就直接申请,就这样被录取。







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random shots

Two random shots, for memory’s sake.


my fav things: lalangs, postcards & ladybirds


snapped in Tiong Bahru

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lesson #1

More updates on my “To Do List” drawn up in end April.


Started on item number 5 +learn to ride a bike last weekend.


I’ve always enjoyed being a pillion rider, especially when travelling, but thought it’d be great if I can ride one myself, and have an unhindered view of the scenery in front.


I guess there’s a bigger hurdle to overcome if you were to compare learning to ride vs. learning to drive. With driving, you know the instructor is sitting beside you, feet on the ebrake pedal, ever ready to pull the hand brake. With riding, you’re basically on your own. No one to babysit you, help you balance nor apply ebrake when you go wrong.


To be honest, I had to take several deep breaths before I could throttle and lift both legs off the ground. But it’s fun once I could ramble slowly on my own! 😛 I think I’ve only chalked up less than 100m so far, and no corners yet.


Still a long long way to becoming a biker chick.. haha..


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My mom is so cute. We were chatting about the world cup earlier and she was asking if I made any bets. I told her because of my bad streak in football betting, I’ve given up betting already. Just five minutes ago, she opened my door, popped her head in, and asked if I want to bet with her. For a meal. She’s going for the Netherlands. Now that I’ve entered into a bet, lo siento, Espana,  adios~


Oh, and have I mentioned how cute my mom is already?

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Been feeling rather crappy of late, but I can’t pin point exactly why.

Yes, work is piling up, but it is manageable. But then again, being a procrastinator does not help things much.

I feel I should be more driven, but the time I spent thinking is much more than the time I spent doing.

Maybe that’s why.

How irritating.

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the wedding


the nephew


the niece


the cat


the fallen


the tiles


the new


the old


the peeling


the spiral


the pattern

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