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friday night!

Caught up with the girls last Friday. Z recommended a place in kampong glam that has a nice ambience and good but resonably priced food. In my famished state, I forgot to take any food shots.. :S We also didn’t manage a group photo! Let’s go there again soon! ūüôā

sultan mosque at dusk


light & shadow


nice ambience and food


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I left my secret dream here.




Miel, the cartoonist, and his cartoon mural





can someone buy me a nice dream?





fly me to the moon!





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feast for the eyes



in b&w


above the lamp posts


If you look closely enough at the last picture, you’d have spotted something.


What humans termed the UFO. You have to look real close.


But now that I look really closely at the picture again, I might just have left it outside the frame.



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stories like these make me want to pick up the camera and tell stories too, for good. 


thank you for sharing.


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backyard auntie

I’ve always loved the old HDB estate around Tiong Bahru market area.


After mort duty, we’d sometimes go to the coffeeshop for toast and coffee and it’s just so interesting¬†looking at¬†the exterior of the¬†old apartments,¬†imagining how the owners did up their homes inside.


We somehow ended up there last night. The initial plan was to have coffee at a HK cafe around the area, but it had apparently closed down. Still full from dinner, we decided to stroll around the estate.


We stumbled upon¬†an old school, M’sian-feel Chinese restaurant complete with tacky lightings, climbed up the stairs¬†to peep into apartments, and met a friendly auntie who invited us into her house.


Auntie¬†stays on a ground floor unit in a block of forty-year-old flat,¬†the¬†kind which comes with¬†back doors. She was sitting in her “backyard” watching the world go by. When we walked past, she smiled and greeted us and we walked over to chat.


Auntie must have¬†pretty green fingers and thumbs, because her backyard is surrounded by many pots of plants which I’m ashamed to admit I can’t really name. She told us she’s now¬†living with her daughter in the apartment and even invited us into her house to take a look. I jumped at the chance.


The back door leads to a narrow corridor which the auntie had converted into the kitchen. Past the dining area is the living room, and the two bedrooms are tucked at the side of the living area.


I don’t know the actual floor area, but it feels smaller than a normal three room.¬†It’s¬†cosy though,¬†and in a good location. According to Auntie, similar apartments around the estate are¬†fetching more than $400 000.


After the short tour, we proceeded to the backyard again and continued chatting. More than once throughout our conversation, Auntie paused to¬†make small talk¬†with passing neighbours. She could also tell us exactly the dialect group of the neighbours in and around her block. I suppose it’s the kind of community where the kampong spirit is still strong¬†among the older residents.


When we bade our goodbyes, Auntie stood up to send us off and invited us to visit her again.


Yes, we will, Auntie. ūüôā


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three to do the job?

At the end of a NYT article which talks about late-life divorce, cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead’s view was quoted:


“Every woman needed three husbands: one for youthful sex, one for security while raising children and one for joyful companionship in old age.”


Which got me wondering, how many wives does a man need in his lifetime?



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a hip grandmama? moi?

HL texted me today:


You will be a granny with interesting stories to tell, I also want to be as interesting. ūüôā


My reply:


Still a long way to go before I become a granny. I need to get married, have kids, bring them up, wait for them to get married and have kids. Phew. It’s tiring enough just typing this sms. ūüėõ


Me a grandmama? It’s beyond my imagination..


p.s.: changed my header pic.. this one’s taken in Myanmar, a hut in a grassy green field. i like.

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