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update on the list

Last month, I posted a “To Do List” here.


Since then, things have been happening faster than I can imagine, and two items on the list are currently in progress. ūüėõ


I think I need more faith and courage to continue.


On another note, friends have been drawing up their own lists too, partly influenced by my list, I think?


To all of us:


Just go with the flow and hope for the best. Good luck!




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another one

“When you are in love with life, life sends you love.”


sunset one day


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Have you realized that the most beautiful things in life are free?




# watching kites of all shapes and colours carried by the wind into the sunset


# looking up to a sky filled with shining stars


#¬†the garden city’s night view as seen¬†on mount faber


And many many more! Happy Friday! =D



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