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You already know my fetish for “things to be done” lists.


Here’s one for the medium term.


Things to be Done before I turn 30


be a waitress


+ take up a bartending course


+ summer course in France


+ travel to India


+ learn to ride bike


+ learn guitar


+ try wakeboarding


+ fall in love with a smart ah beng who speaks English, Mandarin and Hokkien equally well (just watched Monga yesterday.. heart ethan ruan!)


Can’t think of anymore task-specific points right now. Will update when others come to mind. And of course, if I manage to strike off any.


Wanna share yours?


Or you can pay me to try things that you’ve always wanted to do, but just can’t do it for one reason or another. I’ll be more than happy. =P



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Should blog about the trip before the details become fuzzy.


So I flew off on Easter eve, which happens to be April’s Fool as well, and spent the night at my cuz’s apt before we set off the next morning to take the domestic flight to Phu Quoc.


Things didn’t start off good. When it was our turn to check in, the lady at the counter said haltingly: “Sorry Madam, your flight is delayed.”


WTF?? We’re only spending 2 nights on the island so every minute is PRECIOUS. So we marched off to the Vietnam Airlines counter and demanded to know why the flight was delayed.


Of course, they won’t provide any explanation, just an offer to give us some taxi voucher, and for us to stay at a hotel in town till our flight in the afternoon.


At this point, my bitchy cuz (she described herself so) proceeded to raise hell.


Excerpts from the conversation:


cuz: “Why didn’t you all call the passengers so that we don’t have to come to the airport so early?”


staff: “Sorry, we don’t have your number.”


cuz: “But my number should be in the passenger details, I remembered giving.” (she has a vn line cos she’s been based there for the past two years)


staff turned and asked another colleagues in Vietnamese if he called this particular passenger.


staff: “Oh, my colleague says he called, but the person spoke a little Vietnamese and hung up.”


(recap: before we left the apt, there was a call, but it was a man speaking in Vietnamese asking if we need a taxi to the airport, or so that was the gist my cuz understood cos obviously her command of the language is not fantastic)


cuz (pointing to the name on the flight itinerary): “You know I’m a foreigner, and your staff called and spoke to me in Vietnamese. Do you call all your passengers and speak to them in Vietnamese and expect them to UNDERSTAND?” 


After giving them a piece of her mind, there’re still no flights to Phu Quoc till the afternoon. So we took a cab back to town and had brunch at this mediterranean style cafe.







Then we watched Shutter Island, which will only open in Singapore mid April! Am impressed that I caught a “coming soon” film during this short trip.


The movie killed a lot of our waiting time, and before we knew it, we’re back at the airport, ready to board again… tbc




arrived safe and sound in the propeller plane




small small airport

cabbed to mango bay

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nice one!

I was almost falling asleep reading the child sexual abuse notes.


So I took a break and saw this article on NYT.


It made me laugh. And woke me up.


For the sleepyheads.



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over the weekend

never knew sunsets can be so beautiful


Spent Easter weekend in Phu Quoc, an island to the southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, along the Gulf of Thailand.


Described as one of the five best hidden beaches of the world by some guidebooks, it didn’t disappoint. Will upload more pics once I get the card reader back from office.


Have a great week ahead! =D

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one bunny, two bunnies, three bunnies...


Is it me or do these bunnies look a bit sad? Because they know they’re gonna be eaten?


Have a good good friday! 😛


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