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run run run

dragged myself up at 5 this morning to complete some work. it’s done in an hour! yipee!


here’s some pics from yesterday..



bare trees-- one of my fav things

bare trees-- one of my fav things


morning light


have a great week people! =D

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block block block

knock knock


knock knock


can you stop playing hide and seek


and come out already?


i need you…..


erm.. words i mean..

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a new chapter begins

Today marks another new chapter in life.


A little excited, hope everything goes well.


Anyway I just confirmed my next trip!


Phu Quoc, an island off Southern Vietnam.. supposedly one of the best hidden beaches! =P


At $266 return for Vietnam Airlines, I’m a happy girl! =D (budget flights cost more than $300! disgusting…)


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