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Two weeks, just me and mom

We’re all packed and ready to go! (after I’ve taken my shower that is)

Today’s plan is quite straight forward. Fly out to Bangkok, take the Airport Express to Hualamphong train station, catch the night train to Nong Khai where there’s a border crossing to Laos.

Hope there’ll be no hiccups! Adios everyone! Feliz Navidad! =)


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of journals and little notes

T”was a busy week! Moving house is so tiring and I’m not even the one shifting!


Spent the previous week helping Bro clean his flat and re-painting it. Painting is rather fun, but not the ceiling cornice! They’re killers! It was literally a back breaking and neck breaking job, but we got it done in three days flat. Phew!


So, after Bro & fam moved out of our little flat into their little flat, I had to set about packing my own stuff. And believe me, it’s one hell of a job.


So many storage boxes of stuff to go through, it is time to force myself to throw some memories away. And I think you know that feeling too, you start out wanting to be firm and to chuck away things that you know you’ll never use anyway, but somehow as you progress, the nostalgic waves begin to flood your rational mind. Before you know it, you end up putting the stuff right back again. This explains why my storage space will never be enough.


While I’m packing, I seem to be spending a lot of time on reading stuff that I don’t remember I wrote before. It sounds cliche, but it’s like opening a treasure chest of memories and the amazing thing about it is that you don’t even recall some of the really good stuff you’ve written in there.


There’re notebooks of my travels to Sri Lanka; detailing the story ideas and proposals of my FYP (lots of “things to be done” lists in them); of the times when I was working as a teaching assistant in a language centre (and the cards the kids gave me); notes to and from friends and classmates over the years, postcards sent from abroad, photos taken when we had those super wide grins. Fantastic stuff.


As I prepare for the upcoming Laos trip with mom, I am inspired again to keep a travel log. It’s too much fun to read it five or ten years down the road. I think I’ll be glad that the memories and feelings will forever be etched in that spiral notebook.


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Outing time!



little squirrel eating on the tree


feeling comfy


she pulled her hat over her face to block out the sun and fell asleep!


huh? what happened?


meanwhile gor gor is climbing some steps with the help of two ah mas


group photo


the cousins


like an old man


innocent look


tired look


hear me rawrr!!!


demure mei mei

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sorry for the silence!

Ahhh.. you must be wondering what happened to the last four days of the yunnan trip huh?


Truth is, I’ve been busy meeting deadlines the past few weeks that I didn’t have energy to visit here… ooops… =S


December looks set to be a busy month,  but I’m hoping (and keeping my fingers crossed) that one last trip will work out before the year ends.


Will keep you posted once plans are firmed up.  And I’ll try to finish up yunnan asap.









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